Scott Butters

I'm Super Scott Butters, #SuperMMAn, a dereham Based Mixed Martial Artist. I fight out of Team Fuzeta Vale Tudo, Exiles MMA and BMB BJJ.

Fight camp is in full swing now, ahead of my Comeback fight on LFC. I've been out for 7months due to an injury but I'm now back , and hungrier than ever. Luckily for me, this time around I have Exceed Your Limit in my corner helping me out with all my supplements.

With a tough training schedule 4 times a week and Visits to The Unit Gym in Dereham as well, it's all about keeping my body in tip top shape.

The main point is recovery, that's why after every session I use anExceed Your Limit Protein shake, helping keep my muscles fed with everything needed and speeding up recovery time.

A typical day for me would be:5:30 wake up, stretch, small routine of 15 press ups, 15 crunches, 25 Russian twists, 20 squats and 1 minute plank. Work 6:30-4:30 which is a workout in itself, being a scaffolder. 7am breakfast Exceed Your Limit fat burners and protein shake.10 am fruit, nuts and seeds. 1:30 lunch 75g brown rice, on days I train, 200g grilled chicken, and as much veg as I like. 3:30 afternoon snack another shake and 50g flapjack on training days. After work I shoot home to see the family, and have dinner, if I'm not training. 6pm dinner anything from fish, steak, chicken, or a special order from 7:30-9 training whilst drinking my BCAA'S followed by another shake.