I started training when I was 17 towards the end of my school days, with the goal in mind like many others to put on some muscle. I was very thin so primarily just wanted to feel more comfortable in my own skin. I spent the following years trying to master the art of diet and nutrition which worked well with my hobbies at the time, bodybuilding and American Football. I played American Football for several years until deciding to try my luck with a fitness competition, so looked around for a relatively close competition and one that would suit my physique, I came across the Miami Pro fitness model Universe which was my first fitness competition. Going in with no experience in the sport I was happy to achieve a 5th place trophy in the fitness model class. With my new knowledge in the class I signed up for the next event, the Miami Pro Worlds Pro and Amateur show. It was here that I placed first in my class receiving my pro card and earning professional status in the federation. 

I’m looking to progress in the industry by taking part in my first pro show this Easter and competing against other professional fitness models from the Miami Pro. Throughout my diet going into the shows I take on a number of supplements to help benefit with the process. Producing a winning physique comes down to a great diet, training and supplement plan, and I have been fortunate enough to be able to work alongside Exceed Your Limit who will be supporting me with my goals in the industry. It’s great to be a part of the team providing me with high quality products I use on a daily basis. With Exceed, I will be using their whey protein and casein to add my vital doses of daily protein, their BCAA product to protect my muscles during the cutting process and their pre workout supplements to provide me with the mental edge I need to fuel my workouts.

Hopefully working alongside each other I will be able to produce my best condition yet in the industry.