For as long as I can remember I have been unhappy with my body and have struggled to lose weight. I was around 12stone 9lbs but was never sure as getting on the scales was a very rare occurrence, I had convinced myself that I was really trying to lose weight and that 12.9 was just the weight that my body liked to be!

After I had my first child my body didn’t take long to recover and for me to be in my pre maternity jeans. Even though I wasn’t overly happy at that size I was pleased that I could fit back in to my clothes and at that point it was enough for me. Less than a year later I was pregnant again! After my daughter was born it took a lot longer. I had gone up a dress size but was in complete denial about it. Shop sizing must be getting smaller!

Pictures from a day out with the kids was the real motivation I needed, I hated them! My daughter was around 9 weeks old when I decided to start to lose weight. I looked at all sorts of diets and have tried all sorts previously. Meal replacement/ calorie counting/ depriving myself of anything that tastes nice! But I couldn’t stick to any of these! I started a slimming world inspired diet from home and it was working. I’d lose maybe a pound a week maybe 2 or I would stay the same. It was coming off but so slowly!

After a couple of months I started to find it really hard to stick to the diet. Low energy levels (blame the children) meant that I was craving sugar. I could have eaten chocolate for breakfast every day. By this point I had been dieting around 23 weeks and had lost 25lbs. Which I was so proud of but my losses had slowed right down if I was losing any at all and my will power had completely disappeared.

That’s when I found the Exceed Your Limit Fat Burners, at £20 for 120 capsules it was definitely worth a try. I have been taking the fat burners now for 8 weeks and my losses have been incredible. In 8 weeks I have lost 15lbs! This includes the Christmas period where I had a lot of days off and gained 4lbs. I am now 10stone 4lbs and a size 10. I take the tablets religiously with Breakfast and Lunch and the difference in my energy levels alone is amazing! My cravings have gone & I have been able to stick to the diet much easier. My average weekly losses have gone from 1lb to 3lb and I can function as if I am actually getting enough sleep!

I cannot recommend these fat burners enough. To anyone that wants to lose weight, gain energy & feel amazing these are definitely the thing for you!